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editor’s note: over the weekend my hair stylist lady was telling me she saw an article about chat abbreviations so adults can monitor kids, with stuff like, “LMUAMAHASPANTOMAADP - let’s meet up at midnight and have a sex party and not tell our moms and also do pot” and this shirt is extremely relevant. “FYEO”? has anyone actually ever used that? IOW? 

when i was 19, my boyfriend’s mom found me on aim and would message me all the time and use all kinds of mom messageboard abbreviations, and her favorite was one for “great minds think alike” but every time she used it it was different? like GMTA ! GMTAL ! GMAT L ALIKE ! GREAT MINDS ATLLALT ! and i never had any idea what she was talking about.  she also once forced me to drink amaretto? my only other memory of that relationship is that we watched ‘event horizon’ together, and we dated for 2 years. but i digress.

plus size shopping master post


i decided to compile a list of plus size stores with a little blurb, their size range, and their price range as a resource for you butts. i apologize that this list is very US-centric and very ‘feminine’-centric (i looked super hard for gender neutral and ‘masculine’ plus clothes but just found wall after wall of ‘big and tall’ stores with nothing but khakis and polos)- i tried to note shipping ranges where it was transparent on the site. all sizes are in US sizes and all money is in USD.

please feel free to send me any place i missed (especially if they are gender neutral or ‘masculine’ !!! or independent shops)- my only requisite is that they carry above a 42 waist for ‘masculine’ stuff and above a US size 20 for ‘feminine’ stuff. exceptions can be made (like for forever 21+) if sizes are known to run large, but this is why stuff like dorothy perkins and rue 107 are missing. stores with a *** are wtfplus approved (meaning i’ve shopped there AND really like their clothes).

general plus sizes:
additionelle – canadian plus size chain (their lane bryant, basically, but slightly hipper), sizes up to 26/4X, most stuff is $60 to $150 for dresses. online only outside of canada, ships only to US and canada.
alight – plus size clothing aggregator leaning toward juniors/beach hippie.  aggregates up to size 34. just about everything is under $30.
ashley stewart – good for basics and work clothes, lots of bright colors. carries up to size 26. prices range from $30 to $90. started by a rich white man to target/employ women of color.  this has nothing to do with their clothing style but is a weird bit of paternalistic of trivia.
asos curve *** – UK plus size retailer, modern and trendy plus size clothes, nearly everything is cool or beautiful. sizes go up to a US 24, but when something is stretchy or a ‘swing dress’ i’ve found that the 22 comfortably fits a size 28 (me).  if you like something stretchy, try it out- returns are free and quick. most things are $20 to $100. online only, ships worldwide.
autograph – australian plus size chain, juniors and casual styles, sizes up to 22 (AUS 26), most stuff is around $50 to $100. online only outside of australia and new zealand.
avenue – ‘mature’ styles, good for tights and underwear and basics especially, carries up to size 32 (mostly only up to 28 in store, though some 30s can be found). prices ranging from $20-$90
ax paris - european trendy plus size store. a lot of their stuff is carried at simply be, asos, evans, and yours clothing, as well as kmart in the US. carries up to a US 22/24, though their US site doesn’t seem to carry a plus line. most stuff is under $70.
big & tall direct - ‘masculine’ basics, up to size 10x and an 80 waist in some things. prices vary wildly, from $10 to $300 because they carry basics and suiting. site is a little hard to navigate.
boohoo - casual and work wear, up to a US size 20 (though i’ve seen people around a US 22/24 wear some of their items). most stuff is $10 to $55.
carmakoma - danish plus size store. high quality, lots of edgy leather and matrix-y clothes. sizes up to 24. prices run from $50 to $300. online only outside of europe, worldwide shipping.
catherine’s – ‘mature’ styles, sizes up to  34/5X, prices ranging from $30 all the way to $130.
chic star - retro and pin-uppy stuff with some goth stuff mixed in. the sizes can be a little confusing, but they seem to carry up to a 26/28.most stuff is $20-$80.
city chic – australian plus size chain, juniors and adults who read young adult novels styles, sizes up to 22 (though they say it’s comparable to other stores’ 24), most stuff is around $50 to $100.  online only outside of australia and new zealand.
deb shops – junior plus, cute casual and party clothes for teens. carries up to a 24/3X. most stuff is $20 to $70. 
dress barn – professional and casual women’s plus, much cuter than you’d expect for a place with ‘barn’ in the name.  carries up to a size 24, but there’s a weird grey area where 14 and 16 overlap with ‘regular’ dress barn (and the 14 plus is $20 more than the 14 regular). most stuff is $50 to $100. MOST dress barns have a ‘women’s’ section.
eddy & bri - juniors plus and women’s plus with some pretty cute forever 21-ish dresses. their sizing is confusing because anything over a 3X is considered an ‘extended size’, and their juniors chart stops at 18/20 while their women’s chart goes up to 26/28. ask questions before ordering. most stuff is under $60.
eloquii – juniors plus owned by the limited. they went out of business but are coming back spring of 2014 due to customer feedback. carried up to a size 24 i believe, and most stuff was under $80. online only but may appear in select stores.
eShakti *** – ‘retro’ and modern styles (mostly dresses), good for general cuteness, bridesmaids dresses, etc. carries sizes 0-36 but will make things bigger, so there’s really no upper limit. for an extra $7.50 you can customize anything to your measurements/change length/change neckline/etc., prices from $50 to $120. lots of good coupons and sales. online only, ships only to US and canada
evans *** – hit and miss casual and professional plus, their hits are HUGE hits (beth ditto line comes to mind) and they have a great coat selection, up to size 28, most stuff is $60 to $110. online only outside of the UK and middle east.
fashion to figure – cheapy plus club and casual wear, beautiful colors and prints but low quality. sizes up to a 26. almost everything is under $45.
forever 21+ - plus size juniors. basically just as cheap and wacky as their non-plus lines. sizes up to 20/3X though some items are expanding to 22/4X (and the stretchier stuff runs a little roomy).  most stuff is like $10 to $40, which is on par with the quality.  available in SOME stores, but mostly online only.
gstagelove - juniors plus, carries much of the same stock as fashion to figure but cheaper ! sizes go up to 22, but some people have said they’ve had luck fitting into stuff up to size 26.  most items are $10 to $30.
h&m+ - very basic women’s plus, lots of black and denim so far. sizes up to a 24. most stuff is $13 to $50. available in SOME stores, but mostly online only.
hello holiday - cute retro/vintage-y/modcloth-y dresses. their buyers have good taste and their plus size line is expanding, though it’s called ‘va-va-voom’. sizes up to 22/4X, most dresses $60 to $90.
holy clothing - clothes for ye olde renaissance faire, with lots of capes. sizes up to a 5X/30/32. most stuff is under $80.
igigi – professional and formal clothes, sort of like a sexier kiyonna (and they carry wedding stuff). the designer, yulia raquel, is a pretty big risk taker, and they come up with pretty unique-looking stuff sometimes. sizes up to a 30/32. online only, though available through several retailers and department stores.
j. jill – sort of a wanna be/will never be j.crew, casual overpriced clothes for women.  sizes up to 28/4X. most things are $60 to $100. notable because they have a lot of cotton and linen and natural fibers.

jacamo – simply be’s ‘men’s’ store, one of the few ‘men’s’ clothing stores i could find with stylish clothes that weren’t just khakis and polo shirts. carries up to a men’s 5X/54 waist with shoes up to a 16. prices vary wildly, from $30 to $150. online only.
jessica london – modern, professional, and formal styles. good if you need a dress to wear to some dork’s wedding. claims to carry up to a size 40, but most of the best dresses stop at 28. wild range of prices, from $20 to $150. online only.
kiyonna **** – professional and formal clothes, this is THE fat person ‘oh shit, i have a wedding to go to’ dress source. carries up to a 32/5X. also offers pictures of people with different body types in their dresses. prices range from $90 to $200. online only, though they are available through several other retailers.
land’s end - yuppie plus size clothing for yachting and posing for the ll bean catalog. occasional cute dresses and VERY cute bikinis up to a size 26. most stuff is under $140, though bathing suit pieces are sold separately. they also sell petite plus. online only.
lane bryant – ‘mature’ and professional styles, good for underwear and bras (not good QUALITY bras but good bra sales/decent size range), carries up to size 28/30 in their own clothes but has up to size 36 because they stock kiyonna dresses, prices range from $29 to $150 but you can ALWAYS (i mean always) find a huge coupon.  their site is finicky about taking debit cards.
levi’s – jeans. just jeans. but jeans that are made of actual denim instead of spandex. up to size 24, though they run small. most jeans are $40 to $60, though they often have coupon codes. plus sizes are online only but have been spotted in the wild at kohls before.
living doll LA - sort of like a plus size delia*s. sizes up to 22/24. most stuff is between $10 and $40.
ll bean – yuppie plus size clothing similar to land’s end. most stuff is under $120. online only.
lovedrobe –UK retailer with juniors and youthful clothes, lots of bright colors, sizes up to a US 28 (sizes are listed in UK sizing) though most items stop at a 24, and i’ve heard their clothes run small. most things are under $100.  online only, ships to UK, europe, and US/canada.
love your peaches - “mature” plus with lots of bathing suit options (including fatkinis). sizes up to a 34/36. prices range from $50 to $100.
modcloth *** – retro and modern cute plus size clothes, recently committed to expanding their sizes and making a real effort to listen to their customers. carries up to a 28/30/4X. most stuff is $70 to $120. their app and review system is really helpful. online only.
monif c. – sexy party dresses and cool bikinis. lots of prints and bright colors. carries up to a 24/3X. most stuff is $100 to $200. online only outside of NYC boutique, though you can find pieces at various stores in missouri, maryland, and louisiana.
navabi - german plus size retailer, very similar to evans (maybe a little more fashion forward and a little wackier) but prices are inexplicably $150 to $1000 ! to the point where i think their currency converter is broken. sizes up to us 28.
pin up girl clothing – retro pin-uppy stuff (obviously).  their models have VBO, which is refreshing. sizes up to a 4X (which is defined as measurements of 53-45-56). most stuff is $70 to $150.
old navy plus – good for basics like t-shirts and yoga pants, but their plus size styling is lightyears behind. also took their plus lines out of stores, which sucks. sizes go to up 30/4X, though their clothes notoriously run big. most things are $10 to $50 and they often have coupon codes.  if you’re a 24/26, try their stretchy XXL stuff from non-plus old navy. you’ll be surprised.
new look/inspire – uk plus retailer. cute trendy and juniors style clothes.  sizes up to 24. most stuff is under $50 US. online only outside of europe and the middle east.
one stop plus – aggregator for online plus size clothing. they pull from a bunch of sources and you can search up to size 44. the signal to noise ratio is pretty bad. online only.
pennington’s – canadian plus size chain (appears to be the catherine’s to additionelle’s lane bryant), most stuff is $60 to $90. online only outside of canada, ships only to US and canada.
pink clove *** – newer UK plus size store, clothes are getting cuter as they really pay attention to customer feedback, carries up to a US 28. most things are between $40 and $80. online only, ships worldwide.
pyramid collection - witchy (like wiccan witchy, not tumblr black clothes witchy) and hippie type clothes, with some romantic poetry shirts and stuff. carries up to a 26/28. prices range from $20 to $90.
queen grace - work and eveningwear type stuff, lots of sequins and dramatic cuts. sizes up to a 26. most stuff ranges from $50 to $120.
rainbow – juniors plus, casual and party clothes for teens with occasional pieces adults might like.  carries up to a size 22. most stuff is $10 to $40.
roaman’s – lane bryant/avenue clone. they carry up to size 40, though their size chart goes up to a 48. most stuff is $30 to $100.
simply be *** – UK plus size clothing store, generally really cute stuff, carries designers like gok wan and anna scholz, though their social media team seems to be clueless non-fat people. carries up to a US 28 and has plus size maternity. most things are between $30 and $100. online only, ships to UK, through europe, and to US.
sonsi – ‘mature’ and fancy type clothes, owned by lane bryant’s parent company, functions as an aggregator so they carry items from many designers.  listed so sizes go up to 36 and prices go up to $500. online only.
swak designs – casual and modern styles, lots of solid colors to wear to events, sizes up to 36/6X, most things are $50 to $100. online only.
talbot’s - described as stuffy, but a good place to get good quality interview suits and ‘professional’ work clothes. sizes up to 24. ranges around $100 to around $300 for a full suit.
torrid – juniors/’alternative’ style clothing (though they are trying to skew older now), good for leggings/fishnets and getting last minute items at the mall when you can’t wait for online ordering, carries up to a  28/4X in stores but has 30/5X online. prices range from $20 to $120. be forewarned that their site will place a hold on your card and then make a separate charge, basically making it so 2x the amount you’re charged is held on your card for a few days (this sucks if you’re broke). also, their sales suck.
ts 14+ - australian plus size chain, casual and formal styles, sizes up to 22, most stuff is around $80 to $130 (in USD).  online only outside of australia.
ulla popken – german plus size retailer. ‘mature’ clothing and lots of long skirts and dresses. sizes up to a US 26/3X. most stuff is $25 to $90. online only outside of europe and the middle east.
ureshii - basics, work clothes, and simple pretty things, all custom sized. they will customize to any size like eshakti, letting you pick lengths and fabrics and measurements. most things are $24 to $150.
wet seal+ - very 90s juniors plus. notable for being one of few juniors lines to go up to a 28.  most stuff is under $30. available in LIMITED stores but mostly online.
wole designs - an odd mix of club wear, professional wear, and dressy stuff. largest size is a 24. prices between $40 and $90.
woman within – ‘mature’ styles, good for basics and full coverage clothing (their bike shorts are awesome and cheap for chub rub prevention), sizes up to 44, prices from $10 to $99 with most stuff skewing toward cheaper. worst possible name for a store. online and catalog only.
yours clothing *** – UK retailer with juniors and 20something-y clothes, good for formal attire and fun prints too, carries up to a US 28 (though everything i’ve had from them runs about a size small/is very short), most things are between $40 and $100. online only outside of the UK, ships through europe, asia, middle east, africa, australia, and US/canada.

department stores/big box stores:
click here for some heavy lifting re: largest sizes in men’s and women’s sizes
jc penney *** – occasional cute dresses and occasional cute juniors plus. carries up to a 26. most stuff is $25 to $100. plus sizes are available in store, but junior plus is not.
kmart - sorta fashion forward for a big box store, they now carry AX paris stuff. sizes up to a 30/32, though the cuter stuff stops at 24/26. most stuff is under $45. selection is better online than in stores.
kohls – cheapy women’s and juniors casual wear. sizes up to a 24. prices are mostly under $40, with lots of good sales. also carries plus size levis at some locations.  most physical stores actually have larger plus size sections than online. their junior plus line is online only, but you can order it from the kiosk in store and have it shipped.
macy’s – women’s and juniors plus styles, with women’s skewing more toward formal and professional. designers like jones ny and calvin klein.  sizes up to 22/24. prices from $40 to $140. limited plus sections available in store, but most items are online only.
maurice’s – chintzy juniors and very casual stuff up to a size 28. most stuff is under $50. notable only for having a tool to show you if ‘regular’ clothes are available in plus sizes, and not charging more for plus sizes.  online only outside of the midwest US.
neiman marcus – formal and professional designer styles, carries designers like Eileen fisher and joan vas. sizes up to 26/28 (though most things stop at 22/24). prices range from $80 to $500. not sure of availability in stores. couches plus sizes under ‘special sizes’.
nordstrom  - formal and professional styles, carries designers like michael kors, DKNY, and ralph lauren. most things only go up to a 22/24. prices range from $80 to $300. limited plus sections available in store, but most items are online only.
ross *** - department stores that buy unsold stock from other department stores and closing retail stores. locations are hit or miss but sometimes there’s strange and beautiful gems. most stores have prices under $30 and sizes up to a 28. kind of like the thunderdome. no online shopping, stock differs store to store.
sears – inexpensive work wear and casual wear. sizes purportedly go up to a 26 but almost everything stops at a 24. most items are under $40. plus sizes can usually be found in store. have a completely different selection from online, though bathing suits can often be found in store.
target – cheap basics, casuals. sizes up to a 28/4X. most stuff is under $40. robust online selection, depressing and heartbreaking in store selection.
tj maxx/tk maxx *** – department stores that buy unsold stock from other department stores and closing retail stores. locations are hit or miss but sometimes there’s strange and beautiful gems. most stores have prices under $30 and sizes up to a 26. slightly fancier than ross, but less likely to have larger plus size items. no online shopping, stock differs store to store.
walmart – cheap basics, casuals, and activewear. surprisingly cute bikinis and bathing suits for cheap. sizes go up to a 28/4X though bathing suits seem to only go up to a 3X. most stuff is under $30. stores

bare necessities – bras between $50 and $100. mostly focused on large cup bras, but one or two bras with band sizes in the 50s.
full beauty - cup sizes up to N and band sizes in some cup sizes up to a 58. most bras are under $70.
her room – aggregator of plus size lingerie with a wide range of prices and options up to 14X.
hips and curves – bras with a band size up to 48, lingerie up to a 4X or so, most stuff under $60.
just my size – grandma-y bras but big range in sizes, and most things are under $40.
lady grace – cup sizes up to O and band sizes in some cup sizes up to a 58. most bras are under $70.
sockdreams *** – just socks and tights ! great reviews of knee- and thigh- high socks available on the site to let you know the maximum circumference of socks.  lots of thigh highs can be plus size knee socks. socks range from $7 to $30.
we love colors *** – plus size tights and footless tights up to an EE (which comfortably fit me, a size 28/30). please see my review of their products here.

independent stores/vintage/hand made:
ali buttons designs - hand-made circle skirts in quirky fabrics.pre-made up to 3X and custom up to any size. prices from $25 to $50. 
anna scholz - high end plus size, lots of print mixing. she makes some cheaper things that you can find at simply be. no sweatshops ! sizes up to a 24 (though the anna scholz dress i got from simply be was a 28 !). prices range from like, $100 to $500 but her sale section is reasonable.
ashley nell tipton – super cute skater dresses and skirts designed by a cool fat person. sizes up to a 32/6X (and they apparently run big !!!). most dresses under $80. online only.
blue fish clothing - organic/fair trade hippie dippie patchouli person clothes. sizes up to a 26, though most stuff stops at a 22. prices can get as high as $228.
cabiria – modern high end dresses, made without sweatshop labor. 
designer is kind of a butthole. sizes up to 24, prices from $150-$400. online and in select boutiques only.
candy strike - unique plus size stuff, making prettttyyyy serious use of the cover of ‘unknown pleasures’. sizes up to a 22/24. prices between $30 and $65. online only.
chubby cartwheels *** – lace/mesh/velvet crop tops, body suits, leggings, crop tops, and bandeaus made by a cool fat person. sizes up to 5X. prices range from $25 to $50. online only.
cult of california - the first in plus size galaxy prints and more interesting boutique clothing. sizes up to a 5X/28/30. prices range from $12-$85.
the curvy elle - cute actual vintage from vintage times. sizes up to a 24 (sometimes 26 !), prices vary but most are under 40.
domino dollhouse *** – modern and trendy and retro styles by a cool fat person. the first plus store to get on the galaxy print tip ! sizes up to 28/4X (though the 4X leggings ran very large on me, a 28). prices under $90. online only.
fat fancy *** – portland vintage plus size- and i mean actual plus size and actual vintage.  prices and sizes vary, since it’s vintage. etsy store available, brick and mortar store in portland.
gisela ramirez - maker of the infamous “fuck flattering” crop top. the store is broken right now so i can’t get any more deets.
heartmycloset ***– vintage patterns and retro styles by a person who will make any dress in ANY size.  prices range $100 to $150 for a custom dress.
jessica louise - LA-based pin-uppy plus size stuff. sort of how torrid used to look before they sold out. most stuff is $30 to $80. online and brick & mortar in los angeles.
lovesick vintage - ACTUAL plus size vintage. seems to be up to a size 24 right now. prices under $50.
lucie lu boutique - former buyer for the now-defunct b&lu, described by kate harding as ‘forever 32’. sizes up to 5X, which are more like a 26/28 than a 30/32. prices from $16 to $75.
kmk designs - very customizable steampunk/goth/lolita/tim burton movie person clothes. they will make ANY size and customize for any gender presentation. prices range from $50 to $300. studio in minnesota, online for the rest of us.
kristin miles - cute modern plus, very modcloth-y. sizes up to 22/24 and prices ranging from $30 to $90.
proud mary vintage - ACTUAL plus size vintage. stuff up to 24 right now (but the vintage market is fickle). reasonable prices, most things under $40.
re/dress shop *** – modern and trendy plus size by two cool fat people in cleveland. now carrying masculine and butch styles too. home of teggings ! sizes up to 3X and 4X with plans to expand in the future. prices  range from $25 to $100. brick and mortar store in cleveland.
size queen clothing - beth ditto-y hand made in portland. sizes look to go up to a 22/24. prices from $100 to $150.
youtheary khmer - actual on-trend clothing for plus size people. up to size 24. prices from $15 all the way up to $200.
zelie for she - plus size clothing by elann zelie. if nicki minaj called you and asked you to come over, you could comfortably pick something up here to wear. sizes up to a 26/28. prices between $60 and $90. online and in boutiques only.

gwynnie bee – like a netflix for plus size clothes. selection is great under a size 24, but availability and options go down the closer you get to size $20. you don’t have to wash anything, either ! various prices for various plans.
rent the runway – designer styles for rent up to a size 22. plus size celebrities like mary lambert use this service ! most rentals run $30-$125.

the masterpost again ! let me know if you have anything to add. the list is always being updated !

check out this unhemed nightmare:

i kinda liked it at first cause it’s eye-bleed-green and i thought it might be raising money for domestic violence but it’s not. so now i hate it.

submitted by oliviasmonster

editor’s note: it actually is raising money for an anti-freddy krueger violence charity. did you know that in the US alone, freddy krueger claims the lives of an average of 3 sexy teenagers every night? last year alone, he trapped over 4500 teenage souls in a pizza. NO MORE.

more neurotic posting about hair color


share with me your heartwarming stories about going from dyed dark hair to bleached blonde/light hair !

i dyed my hair BLACK with box dye in january. that isn’t as high-stakes for me as it is for most people because my hair just doesn’t hold black dye (in high school i used to dye it over and over with clairol loving care blue black and it faded within weeks even though i was dyeing black over black), partially because.. it just doesn’t, and partially because i wash my hair every day with head and shoulders, which fades dye.  my roots are about temple-length, and my hair is all one color now, so the black has faded enough that it’s just plain brown.


i have an appointment at a salon on thursday for a consultation about taking it from this color to dark gray, which requires bleaching.  i know that this is usually done in phases, but i’m really afraid they’re going to be like NOPE CAN’T DO IT, SHOULDN’T HAVE DYED YOUR HAIR BLACK @()$()($.

for reference, the entirety of my bangs are undyed. this is the color i’m trying to get:


soothe me with tales of taking your hair from dark dye to light.

p.s. i looked a little peaky in that picture so i gave myself a tumblr makeover


sorry for reblogging personal stuff, i just wanted to reach a wider audience.  i’m going to get my hair dyed (at a salon) gray, which will involve bleaching and junk, but i’ve previously dyed my hair darker. tell me uplifting (lolol) stories about going from dyed dark -> bleached hair !

nanette lepore l’amour giveaway winner !

now that the winner has accepted, i can announce it ! the winner of the dress is colorsoftheimpala ! her entries are below (if you’ll recall, the contest was ‘pick an outfit in size 28 that costs $150 or less for me to buy’):


the polyvore links with product details are here and here.

there were so, so many awesome entries
and it was really hard to pick a winner ! i’m still going to catalog all the entries in my personal blog, i just couldn’t find a mouse at home this weekend and i am like, terrible with a touchpad because of my lennie-from-of-mice-and-men touch. i also want to give a shoutout to amanda h. who entered over e-mail- she put together like 10 awesome outfits but declined the prize because she thought someone else could use it more. i’m gonna post those on my other blog too. in fact, she had so much fun doing it that she made a blog where she put together some other style ideas.

so, while this contest may have seemed like kind of a narcissistic exercise, i just thought it would be fun to have a diverse group of people put some work into finding size 28 outfits that are super cute and currently available (and not astronomically expensive) because it’s really hard for people my size to find stuff to wear that fits, makes them feel good, and actually looks cool. it’s even harder for people who are size 30+ so my next contest might be finding outfits for those sizes.

wtfplus’ bra fitting guide for fat bodies

three easy steps ! 

step one: watch endless bra fitting guides made for non-fat bodies
step two: look online for the size it says you are, see that it doesn’t exist or is a size you tried that doesn’t fit you or is $86455049 that you don’t have and you can only find it online or it only comes in beige back brace models
step three: go to like, lane bryant or something, and find the bra that fits physically on you without falling off or hurting too bad that your boobs fit into, use any extra cup space for your cellphone, get some band extenders (who doesn’t like a parade of beige, white, and black across their back?), enjoy the uniboob you get if the largest cup size is too small, etc.

i watched a bra fitting post going around the other day and laughed hysterically when i followed the instructions; i’m currently wearing a 48B and it fits me like a ‘bra that fits’ should fit- i recently wore a 46C and the band was too small and the cups were cavernous, and the 52B i tried was way too big all over. if i went by measurements, i’d be a 58DD. 

p.s. more power to you if these guides work for you !


Lingerie Designers: “We really try to design for a wide range of women.”
Size Range: 32A-36D

ahhh, this reminds me of like, every plus size line.  ’fashionable affordable clothes for ALL bodies ! sizes 14-22’

(Source: ithotyouknew)

hey, i said i would announce the giveaway winner today but i forgot it was memorial day and all my supplies are at work ! i will announce it tomorrow. sorry guys, i’m not usually a blogging flake. <3

oops, to clarify further, i heard back from the winner i picked friday and she said she didn’t intend to enter the contest, she just thought it was a fun challenge, so i have to pick a new winner !

lordy-lou said: hey, i've got a question for you relating to fatness and hellish weather: i'll be moving to new orleans this summer, and i'm wondering how you do the whole "deal-with-hot-shitty-humid-weather" routine when you're fat? i'm from the midwest, so while it gets up to 114° it's always bone-dry. are dresses and skirts going to be my best friend? (sorry if this is a dumb question)

dresses and skirts will be your best friend, and shorts, and tank tops, and a bathing suit, and if you have any qualms about any part of your body, you may get over them very, very fast. i grew up in central florida and spent all of my teen years in pants and cardigans because i was embarrassed about my arms and legs, and i was fucking miserable, so i don’t recommend that life.

philadelphia is surprisingly humid and hot- basically just as bad as florida, but we also have other seasons so there’s some relief (BUT in florida everything is air conditioned- in philly, not so much). new orleans is like, a special kind of swampy, humid hot that i personally love but that will take some getting used to if you’re used to dry heat. 

some tips:
- learn to love your bangs pinned up, or a short hairstyle if you are so inclined, or master stuff like braiding. i had a shaved head several times as a teenager because it was so, so fucking hot.
- body glide and/or stick deodorant for your inner thighs or where ever else you have sweat or chafing (underboob, rolls, etc). 
- cold showers are your friend.
- don’t forget sunblock even when it’s cloudy !
- think long and hard about the colors and fabrics you’re wearing. it can be hard to find natural fibers in larger sizes, but you’ll be much more comfortable. likewise, consider pitstain and backsweat potential when picking out colors or wearing colors.
- keep little ice packs or bags of frozen vegetable in your fridge and put them on your neck near that one big artery, it’ll help you cool down faster and not sweat through your clothes or feel like you’re going to die when you come in from outside.
- drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and stuff to stay hydrated. you may develop a new funk from all the sweat and staying hydrated helps !
- adopt a nudist lifestyle at home if possible. you’ll sound sexy on tumblr AND won’t get night sweats every night !


i saw this outfit on tumblr the other day and became sort of obsessed with recreating it for myself (with different shoes) in my (much larger) size:


for the shirt, i just got something from old navy regular sizes- an XXL tall should fit me fine. my problem with those is that they’re too short (because i’m too fat !) but i’d be tucking it into a skirt anyway:


the skirt is regular asos, and asos curve has a similar one in mint in plus sizes, and if the 24 runs as big as the 24 in their dresses, it might fit me- but it’s sold out in size 24. i had to opt for this skirt from swak:


for shoes i just went with chinese mary janes, which will kill my plantar fasciitis, but these have been my #1 since i was a toddler and lived over a laundromat that sold them:


it isn’t perfect, but it’s probably the best i can do in a size 28 (and i got to use some coupons/store return credits, so it was like.. $35 total). overall it probably won’t be as like, sleek and simple as the original, but i’ll try to post pictures when i get everything.

p.s. it will also look different on me because i’m kind of a tube? no waist !

rebloggin’ this from my personal blog because this blog is also a fatshion blog. if you guys can help me find a closer match on this skirt i would be pumped ! absolutely PUMPED.

Audrey Hepburn + &#8220;the trendiness of Americana&#8221;An Englishwoman, born in Brussels, died in Switzerland, and known for her boss American-flag sunglasses. submitted by cavilingeditor&#8217;s note: well, i can understand the association since she&#8217;s an icon of american film (though i actually don&#8217;t think i&#8217;ve ever seen a single movie she&#8217;s in? even though i&#8217;m old, i never really had an interest in &#8216;old movies&#8217; as a kid, and the only &#8216;old movies&#8217; my mom made me watch were &#8216;mildred pierce&#8217; and &#8216;sunset boulevard&#8217; and &#8216;the women&#8217; and weirdly &#8216;thomasina&#8217;), though when i think &#8216;americana&#8217; i generally think of like, a corny version of &#8216;nighthawks&#8217; by edward hopper repainted with marilyn monroe and james dean and mickey mouse, smeared with apple pie. audrey hepburn is too sophisticated. she has one of those cigarette holder things like cruella deville. i think.
however, she is one of THE most popular thin women to put on plus size clothing, right after twiggy, and that IS an american tradition.

Audrey Hepburn + “the trendiness of Americana”

An Englishwoman, born in Brussels, died in Switzerland, and known for her boss American-flag sunglasses. 

submitted by caviling

editor’s note: well, i can understand the association since she’s an icon of american film (though i actually don’t think i’ve ever seen a single movie she’s in? even though i’m old, i never really had an interest in ‘old movies’ as a kid, and the only ‘old movies’ my mom made me watch were ‘mildred pierce’ and ‘sunset boulevard’ and ‘the women’ and weirdly ‘thomasina’), though when i think ‘americana’ i generally think of like, a corny version of ‘nighthawks’ by edward hopper repainted with marilyn monroe and james dean and mickey mouse, smeared with apple pie. audrey hepburn is too sophisticated. she has one of those cigarette holder things like cruella deville. i think.

however, she is one of THE most popular thin women to put on plus size clothing, right after twiggy, and that IS an american tradition.

my legs !

dudes. so in the past, i’ve bought teggings and they completely didn’t fit and were a huge disappointment, but i decided to take a gamble recently after a similarly sized friend told me they fit her, and i got a pair of the black regular length teggings and they fit like a fucking dream. stretchy, super soft, durable, and comfortable. i highly recommend them again. for reference, my waist is 61” and my hips are 66” and my thighs are about 37” each and they fit me comfortably without becoming see-through in the thigh. i have kinda small ankles (for my size) but the ankle cuffs are really roomy and i think would fit well on someone who has large ankles. they look more like tights than leggings so i can wear them to work and circumvent our ‘no leggings’ policy also !

they’re sold out of a few colors right now but the gray and black both fit similarly and were lovely.

giveaway ! juniors 2X/22/24/26ish psychedelic nightmare dress !



the time has come- a sad day for me, and a potentially happy one for you. i’m doing a giveaway of one of the dresses from my holy grail list, which i (happily) found by talking to someone on instagram, but it just didn’t work out for me. it fits me (kind of), but it’s basically a sleeveless tunic on me because i’m so tall (and it’s like, a juniors 2X and i’m an adult size 28), and i’m not really a sleeveless tunic kind of broad.

the dress in question is the nanette lepore l’amour baby doll dress in ‘multi cloud’ in a size 2x (from jc penney in 2013)


the dress was new with tags when it came to me, and i wore it one time (over a black t-shirt) to pick up takeout, and never again, so it’s basically new but with the bonus of maybe having some of my essence on it. my bust/waist/hip measurements are like 59-61-66 and it was a littttttle tight in the bust and gave me a uniboob, but it still fit and didn’t look weird.  it also just barely covered my hips, from a combination of it being short/me being tall/me being way bigger than old nanette intended.

the dress’ measurements are as follows (flat, so double them):
bust: 21.5” unstretched
waist: 18” unstretched (24ish inches stretched, i didn’t have anyone to help me so there’s probably more. it fit me under my bust which is like 58 inches)
hip: basically free, but 28” unstretched
length: 33” from the back of the neck to the bottom of the skirt

i would say this would fit a size 20/22 most comfortably, and probably still look like a dress on a size 24/26 who is short and has medium hoots, and it could fit someone my size like a tunic. also if you are a size 30+ and want to enter to keep other people from having it because you’re mad it didn’t come in your size, please do, cause that shit sucks and spite is cool ! but i probably won’t pick you. i didn’t take any pictures of me wearing it, but a few of my favorite people have worn it and looked cool- ohkellybelly and erin from zero style.

giveaway terms and conditions:
reblog this post with an outfit you picked out for me. hahaha i’m an egomaniac ! the items in the outfit have to actually come in a US size 28 (UK 30/32. asos curve is okay because their US 22/24 fit me), be available at the time you post them, and cost me under $150 if i bought it- this doesn’t have to include shoes or accessories, but you can add those if you still have ‘money’ leftover. please note this doesn’t mean you have to buy me a real outfit unless you’re a billionaire philanthropist.
winner will be chosen based on my favorite outfit. the outfit can be appropriate for any occasion (like, anywhere between having beach sex with the creature from the black lagoon to the creature from the black lagoon’s funeral or some scenario creech isn’t even in, if you can think of one, which i personally can’t). you don’t have to adhere EXACTLY to this, but as a guideline, my likes include a-line dresses and skirts, horizontal stripes, floral prints, boat necks/wide scoops, poofy sleeves, stuff with actual animals printed on it (not animal print). think sloppy audrey horne or fat audrey hepburn or this picture of audrey meadows. dislikes include rockabilly/pin-up anything (no skulls, cherries, halter tops), words on anything, shoes with heels, tomato red, rhinestones/embroidery, maxi dresses, sleeveless/tube tops, light denim, makeup/anything that has like, lipstick tubes printed on it. think of me as ‘someone who has never slammed in the back of a dragula’.
alternately, if you don’t have a tumblr, send me an e-mail (found on the contact page). please don’t send me an ask or fanmail with your answer because the ask feature sux and is confusing to my peanut brain
- you do NOT have to follow my blog to win, i think it is weird to blackmail people with goods. you do NOT have to ‘like’ this post to win, unless you actually like it. even then you don’t HAVE to but that would be nice. it’s nice to be nice.
- you PROBABLY should wear a size close to the size of this dress, otherwise you are being a butt to people who fit in this dress.
- if you win and the dress doesn’t fit you, consider paying it forward. you COULD sell it on ebay or something but would the $60 you got for it be as sweet as making another fat person’s day?! maybe, if you buy donuts with that $60, which is what i would do. 
- you can enter if you live anywhere in the world but if you live in like, francylvania or something you will have to wait until june for me to ship it cause i’m kind of broke.
deadline is friday, may 23, 2014, and i will announce the winner on monday, may 26, 2014

this giveaway is not sponsored or anything, and this is a dress i bought with my own money and am passin’ on.

the deadline is 5pm EST this friday, may 23 ! i just want to note that you can enter multiple times/reblog this/email me with other outfits to increase your chances if you feel like it, because someone else did that and it was cool. haha.

5pm EST today ! i’ve been posting all the entries on my personal blog and will post the rest over the weekend (so as not to clog this one up) if any other size 28s want some outfit ideas. winner will be announced monday ! i also decided there’s going to be a second place prize because so many people tried so hard, and also i got a check with overtime pay from working all last weekend so i’m feeling generous.

Leopard is my favorite color…insomuch that I wear a black bag shirt with only weird, hard-to-read letters that are leopard print submitted by (yes, really) unclebronyeditor&#8217;s note: it took me forever to read this. i thought it was in latin or ancient greek something, like a sassy diva version of the da vinci code. shit, i just realized that you can&#8217;t spell &#8216;da vinci&#8217; without &#8216;diva&#8217;. coincidence?ωOPλRDS MΨλVOκπECOLOβ

Leopard is my favorite color…insomuch that I wear a black bag shirt with only weird, hard-to-read letters that are leopard print 

submitted by (yes, really) unclebrony

editor’s note: it took me forever to read this. i thought it was in latin or ancient greek something, like a sassy diva version of the da vinci code. shit, i just realized that you can’t spell ‘da vinci’ without ‘diva’. coincidence?


woman within, memorial day preview e-mail, spring 2014spoiler: on memorial day, you will bust apart into the three women who are within you (l-r: brown haired you, you, another you), slip into tunics and ankle skimming jeans and bobos, and stand around cackling in memory of our fallen soldiers.
super spoiler: none of you will be fat even though you&#8217;re appearing in an advertisement for one of the few plus size stores that carries up to size 44.

woman within, memorial day preview e-mail, spring 2014

spoiler: on memorial day, you will bust apart into the three women who are within you (l-r: brown haired you, you, another you), slip into tunics and ankle skimming jeans and bobos, and stand around cackling in memory of our fallen soldiers.

super spoiler: none of you will be fat even though you’re appearing in an advertisement for one of the few plus size stores that carries up to size 44.