why is the media suddenly pretending to care about fat people?

look, i do this blog for fun.  i am a fat woman and wanted to make a tumblr that other fat women could laugh at and empathize with, because it’s so fucking frustrating that we don’t have access to clothing that fits us, that we can afford, that looks decent.

i was contacted by julie gordon from today.com this morning, asking if i’d like to be included in an article. i respectfully declined. the jezebel article about this blog got me a LOT of followers, and i’m grateful for all of you, but it also opened me up to a pretty insane amount of fatphobic comments and harassment (fatphobic misogynist society, fuck the world !). i explained to julie, who can be reached at juliebethgordon@gmail.com, that i was not interested in participating, and that if she featured this blog, i’d take the blog down, as i was not up to being offered up for more harassment. i told her that i’d rather be left alone to be funny and weird in peace.  she decided to go ahead with it anyway. in her words, “Many of our readers struggle with weight issues — it’s a really important topic for them and we’re trying to help change the conversation”

you think it’s really important to ‘change the conversation’ but you want to do so by embarrassing a fat woman who is already having this conversation? by taking away an outlet she created herself to communicate to other fat women? implying that your story is somehow going to be a brave strike for fat activism? you write for today.com, julie.  your site and your show talk about celebrity weight loss, weight loss, weight loss weight loss weight loss, diets, celebrity bodies, female bodies, female faces, how women are supposed to look, who wore it best, blah blah blah blah blah. by insisting that you need to write this article, from a place of bad faith, while silencing someone who is already doing what you are claiming to do, you are displaying an extreme amount of privilege and arrogance.

i do not need to be an activist all the time; being a fat woman in and of itself feels like activism some days. we are often made to feel like we constantly need to justify our appearance, the space we take up, the things we need, the food we eat, the bodies we live in. we are subject to a disproportionate amount of hatred, abuse, harassment, and ‘jokes’. we face judgments about our perceived health, our ability level, our ability to be loved, our moral fiber, etc. all because of our appearance.  i’m loud, and i’m vocal, and i love myself, and i will stand up for every last fat woman in the world who isn’t in a place to stand up for herself, but i don’t want to do that all the time.  sometimes i want to have fun, and this blog is fun.  

i urge you, julie gordon, to not publish your article, and not open me up for any more harassment or make this fun, safe outlet into a huge headache for me.  please let julie know if you feel the same way.

p.s. the password is ‘juliesucks’ if this disappears again.
p.p.s. i’m sorry if this seems like, super melodramatic, as i know a lot of people who blog would like a bunch of attention, but i already get enough negative attention for being a loud fat lady in real life, and even on the internet, so it is nice to have a fun thing where fat women are king.
p.p.p.s. if you do contact julie to express dismay, please be respectful, even though she isn’t respecting our community- i don’t imagine any of you will get lathered up and send crazy misogynistic threats, but like… please don’t do that. that would bum me out more.
p.p.p.p.s. a friend just pointed out that the today show’s health page features an article about ‘the biggest loser’ including an interview with a woman who BROKE HER HIP on that gross weight loss freakshow and how breaking her hip is sad cause she couldn’t lose weight. GROSS. 

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